Annual Roseman ASDA Leadership Retreat 2017


This past weekend, the 2017-18 board and committee members participated in the Annual Roseman ASDA Leadership Retreat in Kamas, UT!  In our profession, we recognize that it will always be important to continue learning from colleagues and understand that there's always room for improvement.  The Annual Roseman ASDA Leadership Retreat was an amazing opportunity for us to identify our strengths and improve our weaknesses, so that we all can continue working towards our shared goal of going "Above and Beyond"!  We hope that everyone in attendance enjoyed their time and learned more about their lifelong colleagues!  Thank you to everyone who helped make this weekend possible, especially the Roseman ASDA Vice President, Tammy Pham, for planning this event, and National ASDA's Vice President, Danielle Marciniak, for being our guest speaker this weekend.