#RUASDA Spotlight: Alejandro Arango

Alejandro Arango  Roseman '19

Alejandro Arango
Roseman '19

Hometown: Colorado Springs, Colorado

What made me decide to be a dentist: I have always like the idea of running my own business. Along with being my own boss, the prospect of being able to provide employment and livelihood to an office staff is a privilege not many careers bestow. Dentistry is a unique profession in that one can help more people that just their patients. 

Hobbies: My favorite hobby in Utah is spending time in the mountains and desert. The accessibility of the mountains in Utah is unparalleled (and this is coming from a proud Coloradan). 

Favorite place to eat in SLC: Nothing beats a BBQ with friends.

Favorite ASDA event: The talent show 

Where can you find me outside school: Probably at home, unless the weather is nice.

Favorite dental procedure: Just this week I assisted on an apicoectomy root tip extraction. Easily one of the most interesting procedures I have seen so far. 

Interesting fact about me: I have road tripped across the United States. Twice. 

What Pandora station do you have on while drilling and filling in sim lab? Something relaxing. I like instrumentals.

Next travel destination: I really want to go to New Zealand. The landscapes there look surreal.