#RUASDA Spotlight: Ashleigh Dearing

Ashleigh Dearing  Roseman '20

Ashleigh Dearing
Roseman '20

Hometown: Fruita, Colorado

What made you decide you wanted to be a dentist: I saw a woman who hadn't smiled in 20 years due to her decayed and missing teeth. She received a partial denture the day I was shadowing, and her reaction when she looked at herself smiling in the mirror was what made me realize I wanted to be a dentist.

Hobbies: Running, Camping, Reading, Rugby, eating good food, and relaxing at home with my husband Steve and our dog Murphy.

Favorite Place to Eat in SLC: Bombay House!!

Interesting Fact About Me: I once won State in gymanastics on the beam. Beam was my least favorite event!

Favorite Dental Procedure: I think implants are amazing! You basically get a new tooth, and I can't wait to perform one.

What do you see yourself doing in five years: Hopefully working in a practice with my sister-in-law, along with having beautiful kids who are perfectly behaved and never have to be potty trained because they are that awesome (that happens right?).

Where can you find me outside of school? Usually just hanging out with my husband and my dog, or up in the mountains somewhere being a wild women.

What Pandora station do you listen to in sim clinic: I would listen to the Interstellar movie soundtrack. It makes you feel like you are doing something epic.

Favorite ASDA event: Earth Day Planting event!! I love planting things, so that was really fun.