#RUASDA Spotlight: Cherish Dunshee

Cherish Dunshee  Roseman '20

Cherish Dunshee
Roseman '20

Hometown: Oakdale, MN

Hobbies: Polynesian dancing, going to concerts, snowboarding, sewing, shopping, exercising, tennis, volleyball, and softball.

What made you decide you wanted to be a dentist? With no initial interest in dentistry, my first job after graduating college was dental assisting in Utah. I fell in love with dentistry quickly after seeing it firsthand.

What is your favorite ASDA event? ASDA has hosted a ton of fun events, but my favorite ASDA event that I've been a part of was the Leadership Retreat last October. It was fun bonding with a select group of people playing games and getting to know each other. It was an unforgettable experience.

Where can you find me outside of school? If it's winter, you will most likely find me at home under a blanket with my two dogs. If I'm not at home, I'm most likely at a Foreign Figures' show (my husband's band).

Interesting facts about me: I got my name because I was the first girl after 5 boys, so they "cherished" their first girl. Luckily, another girl came after me because she is my best friend.

I am half Samoan, a quarter Swedish, and a quarter Finnish.

What do you see yourself doing in five years? I see myself as a confident dentist who is happy with their education and experience. I hope to volunteer in Samoa as a dentist also--it's my main motivation in becoming a dentist.

Favorite dental procedure: As a D1, I haven't had any experience practicing dentistry on real patients. I hope to love and be great at endodontics (because it's hard), implants (because they are becoming more and more popular), and cosmetic dentistry (because that's where you see awesome patient reactions).

What Pandora station do you have on while drilling and filling in sim lab? One Republic, Coldplay or Foreign Figures of course.