#RUASDA Spotlight: Jacqueline Paquette

Jacqueline Paquette  Roseman '18

Jacqueline Paquette
Roseman '18

Hometown: Tustin, CA 

What made you decide to be a dentist? My dad is a general dentist and all through high school and college I worked in his office during the summers. I love the small town feel that a dentist office has: seeing the same patient community every few months and catching up with their lives and families. Over time I started to see how being a dentist could be a fulfilling and exciting career. 

Hobbies: I love anything outdoors, like skiing, boating, surfing, and hiking. I will go anywhere once and like to travel to new cities and national parks. 

Favorite place to eat in SLC: I really like Proper Burger and Brewing Company. They have trivia on Tuesdays and great burgers!

Interesting fact about me: In the year between college and dental school I worked as a ski instructor in Lake Tahoe, CA. I skiied over 50 days that year.. it also really taught me patience with little kids! 

Favorite dental procedure:I like extractions because oral surgery is always very quiet and zen. It seems counter intuitive but it's true! 

What Pandora station do you listen to with patients: Tom Petty radio is usually a safe bet that most people will like! I would listen to country more if my classmates didn't hate it so much...

Where you can find me outside of school:There's a good chance I'm at the airport, I love to travel or visit back home in CA. 

Favorite ASDA event: I loved the Movie and Manicure night at Ronald McDonald House. The kids had a great time!