#RUASDA Spotlight: Jessica Tseng

Jessica Tseng  Roseman '19

Jessica Tseng
Roseman '19

Hometown: Moraga, CA 

What made you decide you wanted to be a dentist? I originally wanted to be a pediatric oncologist as a kid, but realized later that dentistry was a better fit.  It was a gradual transition and not so much a life changing moment.  I love that dentistry encompasses multiple roles including doctor, teacher, friend, and business person!

Hobbies: Dancing, hiking, traveling, baking.

Favorite place to eat in SLC: A few of my friends like to try new places on the weekends to look for good food in Utah.  My favorite so far is Copper Kitchen - a cute little restaurant in Holladay.

 What is our favorite ASDA event? Last year, when Give Kids a Smile was an ASDA run event, I served on the board as the D1 rep.  It was so fun!  All of the D1s dressed as super heroes, princesses, and tooth fairies to teach kids how to brush, floss, and eat right.  It was a huge success and we saw 503 kids in total, almost doubling the number of kids from the previous year!

Where can you find me outside of school? Probably passed out on my comfy couch

Interesting fact about me: I can make a cloverleaf tongue.

What do you see yourself doing in five years? I see myself owning my own private practice, living the dream with my beautiful family, learning how to cook, and still dancing around my house in my pajamas!

Favorite Dental Procedure: I haven’t worked on a live patient yet, but my favorite procedure in sim lab was probably a Class II restoration. I love assembling all of the little matrix system pieces together and shaping the marginal ridges. I’m sure in a live patient, my favorite procedure will probably change.

What Pandora station do you listen to when you have patient? Currently, most of the patients that I have assisted with are Spanish speaking, so we have been listening to mostly Spanish songs.  I am looking good Pandora station suggestions!