#RUASDA Spotlight: Kelly Binding

Kelly Binding  Roseman '19

Kelly Binding
Roseman '19

Hometown: Denver, CO

Hobbies: I enjoy snowboarding, running, eating, baking, and playing piano.

What made you want to be a dentist? I've wanted to be a dentist for as long as I can remember!  I was fortunate enough to have really great pediatric dentists who inspired me from the very beginning.  I even needed most of my teeth extracted in the office, yet I still knew this was the career for me.  

What is your favorite ASDA event? Porcelain Ball!! It's so fun to get dressed up and spend the evening with your friends.

What do you see yourself doing in 5 years? In 5 years I would like to be living in Denver working as a pediatric dentist at the same practice I was a patient of years ago. 

What Pandora station do you have playing during SIM lab? 90's Throwbacks

Interesting fact about me: I am a certified Pilates and Yoga instructor.

Favorite dental procedure: As a D2 I have yet to do procedures in live patients, but so far cosmetics such as Class IVs.  I love that dentistry can be so artistic and create such a positive impact for our patients.

Favorite place to eat in SLC: Red Iguana. 

If you could be any candy, which would it be? Hot Tamales, without a doubt.