#RUASDA Spotlight: Lauren Simón

Lauren Simón  Roseman '20

Lauren Simón
Roseman '20

Hometown:  Chicago, IL

What made you decide you wanted to be a dentist?  My mother is a pediatric dentist and I had worked in her office since I was in high school, so of course, I initially wanted to do anything but dentistry.  I became interested in college when I started making connections between my science courses and what I was observing in the office.  I began flipping through my mother's old textbooks whenever I had free time, and that was when I accepted that I am turning into my mother.

Hobbies:  Napping, baking/cooking, binge-watching TV shows, repeating myself a million times when my 7yo doesn't do something the first hundred times I ask.

Favorite places to eat in SLC:  Pallet, Stoneground, Hub & Spoke, to name a few.

What is your favorite ASDA event?  Porcelain Ball.  RIP Nadine's foot.

Where can you find me outside of school?  Outside of school, I volunteer at my daughter's school (it's mandatory, so is it really considered volunteering?).  We also go back home pretty frequently, so also at the airport/on an airplane.  I've had the honor of taking the same flight there and/or back with Dr. Licari a few times now!

Interesting fact about me:  I'm very boring, but I grew up figure skating competitively.  Even landed some triple jumps.  I was okay.  I also coached a few years before coming to Roseman, and was a "hockey cheerleader" for an AHL team.

What do you see yourself doing in five years?  Back in Chicago, working as an associate or partner in a practice!

What Pandora station do you listen to while drilling and filling in sim lab?  Usually, Classic Rock.  During test week when I'm feeling anxious, I'll listen to Classical.

What's your favorite thing about Roseman?  I think for a dental school, our atmosphere is way more laid back than other dental schools.  We do get anxious and stressed at times of course, but I think overall, we are probably way less anxious than we would be at a more traditional dental school.  I feel lucky to be here and it's nice that we have those 3 day weekends after an exam to spend time focusing on family and enjoying Utah.  Also, I think the Class of 2020 is the best class ;)