#RUASDA Spotlight: Siri Sarva

Siri Sarva  Roseman '19

Siri Sarva
Roseman '19

Name: Siri Sarva

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

What made me decide to be a dentist: I was actually extremely scared of the dentist as a child, and I actually ran away from my dentists office the day I had to get my first cavity filled! I bolted out of the chair and out the door, made it all the way to the freeway entrance of the 10 before my mom caught up to me in the car. My tooth was in so much pain, but I refused to cooperate and get it filled. Finally though, my dentist did fill that tooth and several others he was concerned about while I was fully sedated in the hospital.  The relief I felt afterwards was drastic, and it made me realize how important is is to take care of my teeth. Growing up, I realized that I really wanted to work with kids and help them gain a positive attitude about oral health so even if they are scared like I was, they can slowly learn to overcome that. 

Hobbies: Climbing, Skiing, Kicking around a hacky sac, watching my favorite teams play: USC, LA Dodgers, Lakers, and the 49ers

Favorite Place to eat in SLC: Chile-Tepin

Where can you find me outside of school: Probably at Momentum, hanging out in the canyons looking at rocks, at Liberty Park, at a coffee shop, or at an EDM concert (I love it when the base drops)

What do I see myself doing in 5 years? Hopefully somewhere close to finishing up my pediatric residency. My dream is to work with kids because of how much of a positive impact my dentist was able to make on my fears of taking care of my teeth as a kid.  

Favorite dental procedure: I really love all composite restorations, but my favorites would be Class 2's and Class 4's, 

What pandora station do you listen to when you have patients: I like to pick between Thomas Jack, Kygo, Bonobo, Flume, Above and Beyond, or Deadmau5. Really anything thats mellow with some base that keeps me amped and right on my toes. 

Favorite TV shows: South Park, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Seinfeld Re-runs, Arrested Development