#RUASDA Spotlight: Daniel Inouye

Daniel Inouye  Roseman '20

Daniel Inouye
Roseman '20

Hometown: Torrance, California

What made you decide you wanted to be a dentist? In elementary school I wanted to become an artist when I grew up. Both my parents are pharmacists so as I progressed through school, pursuing a career in the medical field seemed like the smarter choice. My junior year in high school I had no idea what I wanted to pursue and my family was going through some very difficult times. But during those hardships I was introduced to an amazing dentist who was looking after a family member in the hospital. Our families became close and I started working at her dental office in the summers. As I became more familiar with the dental practice, I realized how much my background in art could apply to dentistry. From then on, I was set on becoming a dentist and I haven't looked back since. 

Hobbies: I love playing sports and being outdoors, but at the same time I am just as happy staying inside playing xbox, jamming to music or EATING. I also love traveling and documenting my trips through photography and videos. 

Favorite place to eat in SLC: The 'Pot of Gold' at Penny Ann Cafe 

Where can you find me outside of school? Lifetime Fitness, or my couch 

Interesting fact about me: I’ve had two severe cases of high altitude pulmonary edema when I was younger, so it took me a really long time to get acclimated to living in Utah. 

What do you see yourself doing in five years? Ideally I'll be practicing dentistry in the Southern California and not living at my parents’ house. 

Favorite dental procedure: Crown preps are super satisfying 

What Pandora station do you have on while drilling and filling in sim lab? Depending on my mood, anywhere from old school funk to reggae to country. But most of the time Cherish's pandora station is on point. 

Favorite TV series: WESTWORLD!

#RUASDA Spotlight: Carol Chavez

Carol Chavez  Roseman '20

Carol Chavez
Roseman '20

Hometown: Santa Clarita, California

What made you decide you wanted to be a dentist? Growing up, I saw the effects of poor oral health and was motivated treat and educate my community on good dental health by becoming a dentist. I took an ROP course in Dental Assisting during high school and just fell in love with Dentistry. I enjoyed connecting with different people and helping them with their health, confidence and well-being.

Hobbies: Cooking, Painting, Shopping and Floristry

Favorite place to eat in SLC: Chile-Tepin in SLC is great Mexican food! You need to try their molcajete it is life changing.

What is our favorite ASDA event? That is a hard one there are so many. If I had to choose it would be the Porcelain Ball, it was great to see everyone dressed up, dancing and having a good time.

Where can you find me outside of school? Usually at home if not T.J. Maxx, Michaels, or Sprouts.

Interesting fact about me: I had the honor of participating in a Hopi cleansing ritual inside a Temescal (sweat lodge) .

Favorite dental procedure: We have not been exposed to root canals in sim lab but I enjoyed watching them be done. I think that the procedure is very delicate and elegant.

What Pandora station do you listen to? Today’s Hits

Favorite show? Married to Medicine

#RUASDA Spotlight: Ashleigh Dearing

Ashleigh Dearing  Roseman '20

Ashleigh Dearing
Roseman '20

Hometown: Fruita, Colorado

What made you decide you wanted to be a dentist: I saw a woman who hadn't smiled in 20 years due to her decayed and missing teeth. She received a partial denture the day I was shadowing, and her reaction when she looked at herself smiling in the mirror was what made me realize I wanted to be a dentist.

Hobbies: Running, Camping, Reading, Rugby, eating good food, and relaxing at home with my husband Steve and our dog Murphy.

Favorite Place to Eat in SLC: Bombay House!!

Interesting Fact About Me: I once won State in gymanastics on the beam. Beam was my least favorite event!

Favorite Dental Procedure: I think implants are amazing! You basically get a new tooth, and I can't wait to perform one.

What do you see yourself doing in five years: Hopefully working in a practice with my sister-in-law, along with having beautiful kids who are perfectly behaved and never have to be potty trained because they are that awesome (that happens right?).

Where can you find me outside of school? Usually just hanging out with my husband and my dog, or up in the mountains somewhere being a wild women.

What Pandora station do you listen to in sim clinic: I would listen to the Interstellar movie soundtrack. It makes you feel like you are doing something epic.

Favorite ASDA event: Earth Day Planting event!! I love planting things, so that was really fun.

#RUASDA Spotlight: Jacqueline Paquette

Jacqueline Paquette  Roseman '18

Jacqueline Paquette
Roseman '18

Hometown: Tustin, CA 

What made you decide to be a dentist? My dad is a general dentist and all through high school and college I worked in his office during the summers. I love the small town feel that a dentist office has: seeing the same patient community every few months and catching up with their lives and families. Over time I started to see how being a dentist could be a fulfilling and exciting career. 

Hobbies: I love anything outdoors, like skiing, boating, surfing, and hiking. I will go anywhere once and like to travel to new cities and national parks. 

Favorite place to eat in SLC: I really like Proper Burger and Brewing Company. They have trivia on Tuesdays and great burgers!

Interesting fact about me: In the year between college and dental school I worked as a ski instructor in Lake Tahoe, CA. I skiied over 50 days that year.. it also really taught me patience with little kids! 

Favorite dental procedure:I like extractions because oral surgery is always very quiet and zen. It seems counter intuitive but it's true! 

What Pandora station do you listen to with patients: Tom Petty radio is usually a safe bet that most people will like! I would listen to country more if my classmates didn't hate it so much...

Where you can find me outside of school:There's a good chance I'm at the airport, I love to travel or visit back home in CA. 

Favorite ASDA event: I loved the Movie and Manicure night at Ronald McDonald House. The kids had a great time! 

#RUASDA Spotlight: Alexa McAneney

Alexa McAneney  Roseman '20

Alexa McAneney
Roseman '20

Hometown: Cedar City, Utah

What made you decide you wanted to be a dentist?  I was that strange little kid that went to my first dental appointment and thought it was the greatest thing since Disney movies.  When we got back home from the appointment, I (4 years old), put my little sister (2 years old), in the recliner, dragged the lamp over, reclined her in the chair, and started brushing her teeth so we could play “dentist.”  Even though I had a really bad cross-bite and had to have all sorts of fun appliances in my mouth from a young age, I still would tell everyone that I wanted to be a dentist when I grew up.  In high school I shadowed my dentist to see if this was a career that I was actually interested in, or if I just thought that because I grew up hearing my mom tell the story of my sister and me playing “dentist,” and found that I loved it.  I loved the concept of being able to help people in a meaningful way and I thought teeth were pretty neat.  All of these experiences aside, it was an experience I had in college that made me 100% sure that I wanted to be a dentist.  One of my roommate’s parents have a practice together in San Diego.  They hosted a day of nonprofit dentistry for a local support group for patients living with HIV/AIDS, and our dental club was invited to participate.  I was so inspired by the compassion that these two dentists had for each patient.  The patient that I will never forget was a young teenage girl.  She cried at the end of her appointment because she said it was the first time she felt like someone saw her as a human being and not just as the disease she was living with.  It made me realize that dentistry could be so much more than the actual dentistry that happens in the chair… It was “Dentistry Beyond the Chair…” (see what I did there).     

Hobbies: running, reading, playing board/card games, coloring, cooking, Pinterest crafting, “fluting” (aka… playing the flute, I just felt like I needed to keep with the “ing” endings), hiking, snowboarding, camping, etc.         

Favorite place to eat in SLC: Oasis Café! My best friend and I try a new brunch spot in SLC every Sunday, and so far, Oasis is the place to beat.  The atmosphere is fun (they roast their coffee beans in house, so it smells amazing), they give you coffee while you wait to be seated (the coffee is SO GOOD! Definitely my favorite!!!), there is a cute bookstore attached to the restaurant that you can explore while you wait to be seated, and the food is delicious!

What is your favorite ASDA event? Both the Cuspid Cup and Porcelain Ball were a lot of fun, but I also enjoyed how much I learned at the District Meeting.  

Where can you find me outside of school? I live with both my sister and my best friend who, lucky for me, each have a dog.  So, I can often be found snuggling them to get a puppy fix from my sister’s adorable Dalmatian, Owen, or my best friend’s sweet Golden Doodle, Liberty.  Owen also makes an excellent running buddy, so we can be found running together around Liberty Park.           

Interesting fact about me: I was the Coca Cola Tournament Bowling Champion when I was in middle school.  Yeah…. I was that cool.  I won a pretty sweet, old school, letterman jacket that has been hiding in a closet at my parent’s house ever since.  However, it conveniently is Roseman colors, so I might have to bring it out of hiding. 

Favorite dental procedure:I don’t have many to choose from since we have only learned a few so far, but I was actually surprised by how much I enjoyed crown preps.  It was exciting to use one of my own preps to create a crown using CAD CAM!  

What Pandora station do you listen to when you have patient? Oh boy! This question gets me every time because I like so many different types of music.  The Needtobreathe and Matt Maher stations are always a win, in any situation.  Both the Maroon 5 and Gavin Degraw stations get some quality listening time, as does the Backstreet Boys station (which I probably shouldn’t admit, but they will always have a special place in my heart).  As much as I love all of those stations, some days I just really need a little Classic Rock in my life and of course during the holidays Christmas music is a must.  A new station that I am currently obsessed with and highly recommend is “Leon Bridges Radio.”  

How many times a day are you asked if your name is “Alexa” like the Amazon speaker? Millions…..  

#RUASDA Spotlight: Sarah Franklin

Sarah Franklin  Roseman '19

Sarah Franklin
Roseman '19

Hometown: Brea, CA

What made you decide you wanted to be a dentist? I have wanted to be a dentist for as long as I can remember (seriously, I have kindergarten art to prove it). The older I got and the more I learned, the more passionate about dentistry I became! The blend between artistry, science, and serving others suits my interests well.

Hobbies: Does Quizlet count?

Favorite place to eat in SLC: Home? #poorcollegestudent

What is your favorite ASDA event? Food & Care Coalition outreach events!

Where can you find me outside of school? In this weather? Home. Probably reading or getting too competitive over games with my roommate.  

What is your favorite book? Too hard to pick just one! My favorite fiction works are My Name is Asher Lev by Chaim Potok and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Closeby Jonathan Safran Foer. My favorite nonfiction works right now are Being Mortal by Atul Gawande and The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down by Anne Fadiman

What do you see yourself doing in five years? Hopefully living somewhere warm and practicing dentistry in an underserved community! I would love to end up involved in dental education as well, but that may be more than five years down the road.

Favorite dental procedure: Anything that helps bring a patient into a state of health and increased comfort is my favorite!

What music do you have on while drilling and filling in sim lab? Hamilton was my sim lab soundtrack for a big portion of last year.

#RUASDA Spotlight: Emily Orth

Emily Orth  Roseman '19

Emily Orth
Roseman '19

Hometown: Pocatello, Idaho

What made you decide you wanted to be a dentist? From childhood through most of college I actually wanted to be a physician. For over five years I worked as a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) at a behavioral/psychiatric hospital. During this time, I made connections with many physicians and spent a significant amount of time shadowing surgeries. However, gradually I realized dentistry was a better fit. It was a slow transition but I couldn’t be happier with my choice - dentistry is a blend of everything I love: art, science, problem solving, patient interaction, and hand skills.  

Hobbies: Skiing, sewing, cooking, and going on roadtrips with my husband.

Favorite place to eat in SLC: My house, Red Iguana, or Chick fil-A.

Where can you find me outside of school? At home with my husband and puppy.

Interesting fact about me: I played varsity golf in high school.

What do you see yourself doing in five yearsLiving and working in a rural community. More than anything I want to have a family, live somewhere in the Northwest, and own a practice that helps the underserved.

Favorite dental procedure: Replacing missing teeth with a bridge - I love crown preps, so the more the better!

What Pandora station do you have on while drilling and filling in sim lab? Ray LaMontagne.

Favorite TV show? This is Us, it pairs perfectly with a glass of wine!

Our New Gold Crown Award!


At this year’s ASDA Annual Session in Orlando, FL, our EC members accepted a new gold crown award for our ASDA Chapter! We are so proud of our predental committee for working so hard in introducing and recruiting predental students to ASDA and setting up amazing ASDA events designed for predental students. Here is what our predental chair for 16-17 school year have to say about winning this award

“I have enjoyed reaching out to pre-dental students in our state this year and introducing them to our Roseman ASDA chapter as well as national ASDA pre-dental resources. This year our chapter made many improvements and started new initiatives to educate pre-dental students about ASDA and best prepare them for dental school. Roseman ASDA started a pre-dental newsletter, hosted a successful pre-dental day, invited pre-dental students to our annual chapter retreat and provided a scholarship for pre-dental students to attend the District 10 meeting. Winning the gold crown award for pre-dental involvement was a huge accomplishment for our entire chapter and I am looking forward to achieving more awards in the future.” – Madison Kurz, Class of 2020

#RUASDA Spotlight: Dalton Pigman

Dalton Pigman  Roseman '18

Dalton Pigman
Roseman '18

Hometown: Tulsa, Oklahoma

What made you decide you wanted to be a dentist? An Emergency Medicine doctor I was shadowing told me if he could do it all over he'd go to dental school. I started shadowing dentists after that and decided dentistry was for me. 

Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, archery, backpacking, xc and alpine skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, snowboarding, running, swimming, yoga, camping, listening to music, playing drums, arguing with my wife, ultimately losing those arguments, dancing poorly, researching gear, beer and wine tasting, cooking wild game in fancy ways.

Favorite place to eat in SLC: My house and Chick-fil-a

Where can you find me outside of school? Outdoors off trail looking at animals through my binoculars.

Interesting fact about me: I hitchhiked through Israel and worked in a grocery store called Super Hashiva outside Tel Aviv in exchange for lodging one summer in college. 

What do you see yourself doing in five yearsHopefully living on some land in some Western state, hunting, fishing, and riding horses more than I'm working. Might also be doing this with a couple of niños,    but my wife and I don't have any yet. 

Favorite dental procedure: Class 4 composite restorations 

What Pandora station do you listen to when you have a patient? Depends on my mood and the patient, but if they don't specify I usually pick Flume, Tycho, Bonobo, etc., or if I'm in a country mood Turnpike Troubadours, Pat Green, Charlie Robison, Reckless Kelly.

Life goals: I want to have a greenhouse with a pottery wheel & kiln and a drum set. I will call it Cerebro. I want to have a black lab named R2D2. R2 for short. I want to be happy and grow old with my family.

#RUASDA Spotlight: Zack SeJan

Zack SeJan  Roseman '20

Zack SeJan
Roseman '20

Hometown: Loris, South Carolina

What made you decide you wanted to be a dentist? I always wanted to do something with healthcare that involved using my hands. Dentistry enabled me to do both, plus add the little bit of artistic ability that I have. Also, my dad is a family physician and I knew I definitely didn’t want those hours (I’d like to keep my hair as long as possible).

Hobbies: Skiing, Fishing, Playing cornhole on the beach (hard to do here), Racquetball, Riding jet skis, Watching Texas Longhorns football and San Antonio Spurs basketball

Favorite Places to eat in SLC: OPH for breakfast, Billy Blanco’s, and Rancheritos for some late night Carne Asada Fries

Interesting fact about me: I whitewater rafted over 200 miles of the Grand Canyon.

Where can you find me outside of school? Skiing anywhere with fresh powder (usually Snowbird), catching up on my sleep and TV shows

What is your favorite ASDA event? Definitely the RUASDA leadership retreat. A great weekend in Park City getting to know my classmates better as well as students from other classes. It was a great way for all of us to relax and bond while playing games and grilling out. Plus, the cabin was big enough that I could barely hear the grizzly bear (Colin) snoring from the floor above!

What Pandora station do you have on while drilling and filling in SIM lab? Always a mix between some good ole Michael Jackson and Country Road Trip. Dr. McCraley recently has me addicted to Vitamin String Quartet

Favorite Dental Procedure: Anything with the Bioclear System!!

Favorite Athlete: The GOAT aka TIM DUNCAN

#RUASDA Spotlight: Tammy Pham

Tammy Pham  Roseman '20

Tammy Pham
Roseman '20

Hometown: Fountain Valley, California

What made you decide you wanted to be a dentist? When my parents escaped from the Vietnam war and came to the United States, they always reminded me to never forgot our roots. Growing up, my mom wanted me to recognize my own blessing to be born in America and all of its great opportunities. So every few years she would take me back to her home country. Every time I would visit Vietnam, my mom would go out of her way and bring me to most impoverished regions to just give back the community, whether it was food, toiletries, small amount money etc. These experiences shaped me as an individual who would want to continuously give back to the community. I decided to pursue dentistry, so later one day I can provide free dental care to these very individuals.

Hobbies: I love to draw, paint, and sculpt on my spare time. I’m also a huge foodie and love to cook when I can get the chance! Oh, and can’t forget about traveling!

Favorite place to eat in SLC: So far Takashi. Probably one of the best sushi restaurants in SLC.

What is our favorite ASDA event? All the ASDA events have been amazing so far, but I’m definitely looking forward to the Talent Show to see all the unique talents that exist at our school.

Where can you find me outside of school? You will most likely find me at home either napping or cooking.

Interesting fact about me: I have a massive Tsum Tsum collection (300+) and am obsessed with matcha green tea or any tea for that matter.

What do you see yourself doing in five years? Hopefully, I’ll be back in Southern California owning my own private practice and have an amazing beautiful family. At the same time, I hope I have achieved one of my biggest goals in life which is to run my own dental mission trips to Vietnam annually.

Favorite dental procedure: Hard to say, since I haven’t had the opportunity to be in clinic yet. But so far I've enjoyed composite restorations esp. on the anterior teeth since these are the ones that can be visibly seen in a person’s smile!

*Favorite artist: Claude Monet! Love his impressionistic pieces.

2017-2018 ASDA Board Nominations Now Open!

In light of the new amendments made to the ASDA Constitution, we are pleased to officially open up nominations for the 2017-2018 ASDA Executive Committee (EC) and Board positions! We are looking for passionate and hardworking students who want to get more involved and are willing to go above and beyond for Roseman ASDA and organized dentistry.

The EC positions (Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Legislative Liaison) are selected through a school-wide election process that will begin with speeches on Monday, February 20th in the D2 Classroom during lunch. Voting via GoogleForms will be open for 24 hours following the conclusion of the speeches. The newly elected members will be announced on Tuesday, February 21st. To apply, please send a Letter of Intent and/or CV to hlim@student.roseman.edu no later than Saturday, February 18th. Job descriptions of the EC positions are attached below. Current nominations can be viewed HERE

Board positions are appointed by the new EC, with interviews being held on Monday, February 27th. To apply, please send your Letter of Intent and/or CV to hlim@student.roseman.edu no later thanThursday, February 23rd. The Board positions are the following:

  • Social Chair
  • Community Outreach Chair
  • Social Media Chair
  • Newsletter Chair
  • Historian Chair
  • Vendor Relations (Fundraising) Chairs
  • Health & Wellness/Ethics Chair
  • Oral Cancer Foundation Chair (must be current D2 to apply)

We encourage you to reach out to the current EC and Board Chairs to learn more about the responsibilities of each position and if you have any questions. We hope you are as excited as we are for the upcoming year!

Vice President (President Elect)/Second Delegate (MUST BE CURRENT D1 TO APPLY; TWO YEAR TERM REQUIRED) 

  1. To assist the President in the performance of his or her duties.
  2. To preside at chapter meetings in the absence or incapacity of the President.
  3. To represent the Association as ASDA second delegate, and to attend the national ASDA Annual Session and District meeting in this capacity.
  4. To attend student council meetings as a representative of “Roseman ASDA.”
  5. To serve as the Legislative Grassroots Network (LGN) Liaison.
  6. To automatically succeed to the office of President at the conclusion of the term of office.


  1. To take minutes at Association meetings and maintain records of all pertinent Association business.
  2. To maintain the files and facilities of the “Roseman ASDA” office (if applicable).
  3. To preside at chapter meetings in the absence of the other Executive Council members.
  4. To represent the Association as ASDA first alternate delegate and to attend the national ASDA Annual Session and District meeting in this capacity.


  1. To act as the official custodian of the funds and accounts of the Association and to dispense Association funds as directed by the Executive Council.
  2. To represent the Association as ASDA second alternate delegate and to attend the national ASDA Annual Session and District meeting in this capacity.

Legislative Liaison

  1. To organize advocacy events at our chapter.
  2. To keep current with any political movements (nationally & locally).
  3. To help organize and facilitate attendance to the annual National Dental Student Lobby Day.
  4. To give political updates to the local members during the monthly chapter meetings.
  5. To communicate the chapter’s political interests to the national ASDA office.
  6. To represent the Association as ASDA third alternate delegate and to attend the national ASDA Annual Session and District meeting in this capacity.

#RUASDA Spotlight: Kelly Binding

Kelly Binding  Roseman '19

Kelly Binding
Roseman '19

Hometown: Denver, CO

Hobbies: I enjoy snowboarding, running, eating, baking, and playing piano.

What made you want to be a dentist? I've wanted to be a dentist for as long as I can remember!  I was fortunate enough to have really great pediatric dentists who inspired me from the very beginning.  I even needed most of my teeth extracted in the office, yet I still knew this was the career for me.  

What is your favorite ASDA event? Porcelain Ball!! It's so fun to get dressed up and spend the evening with your friends.

What do you see yourself doing in 5 years? In 5 years I would like to be living in Denver working as a pediatric dentist at the same practice I was a patient of years ago. 

What Pandora station do you have playing during SIM lab? 90's Throwbacks

Interesting fact about me: I am a certified Pilates and Yoga instructor.

Favorite dental procedure: As a D2 I have yet to do procedures in live patients, but so far cosmetics such as Class IVs.  I love that dentistry can be so artistic and create such a positive impact for our patients.

Favorite place to eat in SLC: Red Iguana. 

If you could be any candy, which would it be? Hot Tamales, without a doubt.

#RUASDA Spotlight: Alejandro Arango

Alejandro Arango  Roseman '19

Alejandro Arango
Roseman '19

Hometown: Colorado Springs, Colorado

What made me decide to be a dentist: I have always like the idea of running my own business. Along with being my own boss, the prospect of being able to provide employment and livelihood to an office staff is a privilege not many careers bestow. Dentistry is a unique profession in that one can help more people that just their patients. 

Hobbies: My favorite hobby in Utah is spending time in the mountains and desert. The accessibility of the mountains in Utah is unparalleled (and this is coming from a proud Coloradan). 

Favorite place to eat in SLC: Nothing beats a BBQ with friends.

Favorite ASDA event: The talent show 

Where can you find me outside school: Probably at home, unless the weather is nice.

Favorite dental procedure: Just this week I assisted on an apicoectomy root tip extraction. Easily one of the most interesting procedures I have seen so far. 

Interesting fact about me: I have road tripped across the United States. Twice. 

What Pandora station do you have on while drilling and filling in sim lab? Something relaxing. I like instrumentals.

Next travel destination: I really want to go to New Zealand. The landscapes there look surreal. 

#RUASDA Spotlight: Lauren Wilson

Lauren Wilson  Roseman '20

Lauren Wilson
Roseman '20

Hometown: O’Fallon, IL

Hobbies: Traveling, exploring new restaurants, going to concerts & hockey games!

Favorite place to eat in SLC: Thai Mango or Current

What made you decide you wanted to be a dentist? I knew I wanted to be a dentist from a very young age, when I stumbled upon my dad’s oral pathology book. However, I fell in love with the profession when I began shadowing my dad (a general dentist) along with other specialty practices in the area. After considerable training, I began working in my father’s dental office at the age of 15, which solidified my desire to become a dentist.   I was most amazed with how well-developed the relationships were with our patients. It is a very special feeling getting to watch a patient’s progress and even seeing multiple generations of patients coming in. One of my favorite dental experiences was volunteering at the IL Mission of Mercy with my dad. There, I had the opportunity to translate for a patient, keeping her comfortable while I assisted throughout the procedure, and at the end watching her face light up, as my dad’s dental work (an anterior composite) gave her so much confidence. Seeing her smile & feeling her appreciation was a heartwarming experience that I will never forget.

What is your favorite ASDA event? All of the ASDA events have been incredible, so far! I think I am most excited for Porcelain Ball, though! My friends and I are all looking forward to the event and the excuse to get dressed up for the evening.

Where can you find me outside of school? Studying in a coffee shop, spending time with friends, or bundled up in my apartment with my cat, Buffie.

Interesting fact about me: I am certified in Cecchetti Ballet, a series of strict ballet examinations, where students must master the technique and specific exercises of the Cecchetti (Italian) method. I am also an Illinois State Dance Team Champion.

What do you see yourself doing in five years? I see myself living in Southern Illinois, having joined my dad’s dental practice and delivering quality dental care alongside him. I also plan to continue giving back to my community through Rotary, and I would love the opportunity to do some more international travel and dental mission trips.

Favorite dental procedure: As a D1, we haven’t been in clinic yet. However, back home, where I worked as a certified dental assistant, I loved doing child prophy’s! Working with kids is a lot of fun & it always keeps you on your toes.

What Pandora station do you have on while drilling and filling in sim lab? Jack White/ White Stripes or Elle King.

#RUASDA Spotlight: Jessica Tseng

Jessica Tseng  Roseman '19

Jessica Tseng
Roseman '19

Hometown: Moraga, CA 

What made you decide you wanted to be a dentist? I originally wanted to be a pediatric oncologist as a kid, but realized later that dentistry was a better fit.  It was a gradual transition and not so much a life changing moment.  I love that dentistry encompasses multiple roles including doctor, teacher, friend, and business person!

Hobbies: Dancing, hiking, traveling, baking.

Favorite place to eat in SLC: A few of my friends like to try new places on the weekends to look for good food in Utah.  My favorite so far is Copper Kitchen - a cute little restaurant in Holladay.

 What is our favorite ASDA event? Last year, when Give Kids a Smile was an ASDA run event, I served on the board as the D1 rep.  It was so fun!  All of the D1s dressed as super heroes, princesses, and tooth fairies to teach kids how to brush, floss, and eat right.  It was a huge success and we saw 503 kids in total, almost doubling the number of kids from the previous year!

Where can you find me outside of school? Probably passed out on my comfy couch

Interesting fact about me: I can make a cloverleaf tongue.

What do you see yourself doing in five years? I see myself owning my own private practice, living the dream with my beautiful family, learning how to cook, and still dancing around my house in my pajamas!

Favorite Dental Procedure: I haven’t worked on a live patient yet, but my favorite procedure in sim lab was probably a Class II restoration. I love assembling all of the little matrix system pieces together and shaping the marginal ridges. I’m sure in a live patient, my favorite procedure will probably change.

What Pandora station do you listen to when you have patient? Currently, most of the patients that I have assisted with are Spanish speaking, so we have been listening to mostly Spanish songs.  I am looking good Pandora station suggestions!

#RUASDA Spotlight: Zachary Diamond

Zachary Diamond  Roseman '20

Zachary Diamond
Roseman '20

Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah

What made you decide you want to be a dentist? When I was about 10 or 11 I went to visit my aunt and uncle in California. My uncle owns a dental practice there, and my little brother needed a tooth extracted. During the procedure he let me hold the suction as he took out my brothers tooth. As soon as I saw the tooth pop out, my eyes grew wide, and I was so fascinated by what had just happened that I knew right then I wanted to be a dentist.

Hobbies: Snow skiing in the winter, water skiing in the summer, ping pong with my lifelong D1s colleagues, playing sports, tap dancing, playing the mandolin in a folk band known as Harmin' Whiskers.

Favorite place to eat in SLC: Being from SLC I have been to many delicious places, but for the last few years my favorite restaurant has been The Bayou in downtown SLC right on State Street. 

Where can you find me outside of school: You can find me in the snow with skis on my feet, or on my couch enjoying Netflix.

Interesting fact about me: I am fluent in Hungarian after living there for two years, and I have traveled to 10 different European countries. I love Europe!

What do you see yourself doing in 5 years: I have know idea because so much can change. Ideally I would like to be in a residency program pursuing a dental specialty, but if I get sick of school then I see myself buying into a practice and doing consistent mission trips to developing countries.

Favorite dental procedures: Well so far all I have done are class IV and class III restorations, so I can't really say. However, my favorite procedures to watch and one day perform are extractions and implants.

What Pandora station do you listen to when you have patients: I don't really listen to Pandora (I'm more of a Spotify guy), so whatever Dr. McCraley plays over the speakers in the sim clinic. However, I'm a huge fan of classical music because it inspires me to be more creative

My favorite thing about Utah: I love how Utah has four seasons, so you can literally do everything! You can take the boat out in the summer, hit the slopes in the winter, find amazing views and colors in the fall, and enjoy the flowers and rain showers in the spring.

#RUASDA Spotlight: Stephanie Stevens

Stephanie Stevens  Roseman '20

Stephanie Stevens
Roseman '20

Hometown: Coral Springs, Florida.

Interesting fact about me: I was a competitive Irish step dancer for 10 years (yes, like Riverdance), and also know several traditional Peruvian dances since that is where my mom is from!

Hobbies: Going to the beach, (kind of hard to do here though) making cupcakes, cooking, Florida State and Dallas Cowboys football. Since moving to Utah in August, I’ve discovered I enjoy hiking, and now I want to learn to ski and snowboard!

What made you decide you wanted to be a dentist? My grandfather was a radiologist and was extremely passionate about his career. Whenever you spoke to him, you could just feel how much he loved it, and that made me what to find something I was just as passionate about. He instilled in me from a young age a love of learning and a strong interest in medicine and healthcare, and always encouraged me to dream big and work hard. I became interested in dentistry specifically after learning about different careers in middle school, and decided it is what I wanted to pursue. I worked as a dental assistant for 6 years before I started dental school, which made me love the profession even more and assured me I had made the right career choice!

Favorite place to eat in SLC: I really like Copper Onion downtown, but I’m still looking for somewhere with good Peruvian food since it’s my favorite!

What is your favorite ASDA event? I had the opportunity to attend the RUASDA leadership retreat in the Fall and loved getting to spend a fun weekend in Park City bonding with my awesome lifelong colleagues!

What do you see yourself doing in five years? Hopefully I will be finishing up a residency in pediatric dentistry

Favorite dental procedure? We just started restorative work and I’m really enjoying it so far. As a dental assistant I got to do a lot of sealants on kids which was my favorite. It could be challenging sometimes, but also really cool!

Where can you find me outside school? Hanging with friends or in my apartment, napping on my couch.

What Pandora station do you have on while drilling and filling in sim lab? Depends on my mood. If I’m feeling pumped up it’ll be one of my hip hop stations, if I want something more chill it’ll be a country station. If I’m feeling a little homesick, I go with my Pitbull or Shakira stations.

Favorite Holiday: St. Patrick’s Day!

#RUASDA Spotlight: Cherish Dunshee

Cherish Dunshee  Roseman '20

Cherish Dunshee
Roseman '20

Hometown: Oakdale, MN

Hobbies: Polynesian dancing, going to concerts, snowboarding, sewing, shopping, exercising, tennis, volleyball, and softball.

What made you decide you wanted to be a dentist? With no initial interest in dentistry, my first job after graduating college was dental assisting in Utah. I fell in love with dentistry quickly after seeing it firsthand.

What is your favorite ASDA event? ASDA has hosted a ton of fun events, but my favorite ASDA event that I've been a part of was the Leadership Retreat last October. It was fun bonding with a select group of people playing games and getting to know each other. It was an unforgettable experience.

Where can you find me outside of school? If it's winter, you will most likely find me at home under a blanket with my two dogs. If I'm not at home, I'm most likely at a Foreign Figures' show (my husband's band).

Interesting facts about me: I got my name because I was the first girl after 5 boys, so they "cherished" their first girl. Luckily, another girl came after me because she is my best friend.

I am half Samoan, a quarter Swedish, and a quarter Finnish.

What do you see yourself doing in five years? I see myself as a confident dentist who is happy with their education and experience. I hope to volunteer in Samoa as a dentist also--it's my main motivation in becoming a dentist.

Favorite dental procedure: As a D1, I haven't had any experience practicing dentistry on real patients. I hope to love and be great at endodontics (because it's hard), implants (because they are becoming more and more popular), and cosmetic dentistry (because that's where you see awesome patient reactions).

What Pandora station do you have on while drilling and filling in sim lab? One Republic, Coldplay or Foreign Figures of course.

#RUASDA Spotlight: Marina Pitcher

Marina Pitcher  Roseman '20

Marina Pitcher
Roseman '20

Hometown: Valencia, California

What made you decide you wanted to be a dentist? I was originally a Fine Arts Jewelry major while double majoring in Psychology. I was happy in both fields but wanted a way to combine my two passions. During a visit to my orthodontist I realized that as a dentist I would be able to use my artistic dexterity and connect with people while improving their health and overall well-being.

Hobbies: Hiking, snowboarding, cooking, and crafting.

Interesting fact about me: I summited Africa’s highest point, Mt. Kilimanjaro 19,340 feet, for my dad’s 60th birthday!

What is your favorite ASDA event? So far I really enjoyed the Cuspid Cup! It was fun to have all the classes competing and enjoying the outdoors together! Just so everyone knows, class of 2020 is taking home that cuspid trophy next year!!

Where can you find me outside of school? Usually catching up with friends and my sleep.

What do you see yourself doing in five years? Hopefully settling into an apprenticeship in a cute beach town and finally out of cold weather forever!

Favorite place to eat in SLC? Wasatch Brewery

What Pandora station do you have on while drilling and filling in sim lab? Gramatik or Flume

Favorite place you have explored in Utah: I visited Zion as soon as I moved here and loved every part of the park. My favorite hike was to the top of Angels Landing. I loved the breathtaking views and the adrenaline rush it gave me.